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Train Your Brain Day

Every year the 13th of October marks Train You Brain Day, a day created to celebrate the amazing power of the human brain. Scientifically, we as humans have only unlocked about 15% of our cerebral capabilities, and even with that small percentage the human race has advanced incredibly over the centuries.

With that in mind, don't we owe it to ourselves to work everyday on bettering our mental capabilities? Afterall, knowledge is power, and as a society we should take steps to empower ourselves everyday. Mentally, this can be done by doing cognitive exercises such as word puzzles, number games, brain teasers, trivia games, riddles and word games, all of which have been proven to engage the brain effectively.

If you're looking to engage your children in a fun and educational activity, reading is the way forward. As Dr. Seuss, a famous children's author said 'I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells.' So don't hesitate to let your children explore their own whimsical literary passions; head over to Dymocks Books +5.00% CashCoins their range of fictional and non fictional books.

Or perhaps you yourself are looking for something to challenge yourself with, whether it's a tough old classic or an informative nonfiction book... then Booktopia +3.75% CashCoins is the answer for you, being the number one book provider for people, businesses, schools, libraries, universities and government departments, so you're sure to find your perfect challenge on their website.

While it's all good and well engaging your intellectual capabilities, sometimes we need to do the opposite...allow our minds a little break, and what better way to do that than through creative outlets? grab yourself an adult colouring book from Angus and Robertson Bookworld + 3.85% CashCoins, or maybe a simple notebook to jot down your thoughts, ideas, dreams, hopes etc.

Maybe you're on the run all the time don't feel like you have time to read beyond scrolling through your social media feed on your morning commute or coffee break. well, luckily, Zinio Digital Magazines +7.50-12.50% CashCoins has great, efficient solution to help you get more out of your day intellectually, and if you prefer ridding yourself of all digital distractions all together, Engaged Media Inc. +2.50-10.00% CashCoins also has a fantastic range of magazines and editorial pieces you can purchase.

Finally, it doesn't matter what form of mental engagement you decide to pursue, as long as you take the opportunity to improve your brain power while you still have the time, so why not kill two birds with one stone and head over to any one of the stores mentioned above to earn CashCoins while doing so?

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