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Cyber Security Day 2017

Cyber security in this day and age, is not a concept to be taken lightly, particularly considering our increasingly daily use of technology. From computers at work or school, to cell phones, to tablets, to smartwatches… technology is around us all the time. This is why we need to take extra precautions to ensure we protect ourselves, and thursday 30th November is a day especially dedicated to this cause.

1 in 5 Australians have been victims of identity crime with computer hacking, online banking and shopping to blame. Ever received an odd looking email, telling you a confirmation is required for something important, like a tax return or loan? 9 times out of 10 its phishing email designed specifically to steal your personal and financial information. Be vigilant! Norton Security +5.00% CashCoins is a great cyber protection program.

However, hackers don't just target through email. Are you a big social media user? If so, i have some bad news for you. With the growing number of people using social media, hackers are getting even better at stealing your information. From picking up your passwords to scams disguised as ‘free giveaways’, there's always some new, inventive way of being scammed. One way you can prevent anything from happening to you is having different passwords for all social media accounts, and constantly double checking everything before you submit your personal information. Another great software protection brand is Bullguard +17.50% CashCoins, ensuring you'll make great savings while protecting yourself from harm.

Here's one that even i didn't think about; Photo geotagging. You might have taken a great selfie in a cool location and want to share it on instagram or facebook, while somebody else waits for you to hand them your location on a silver platter, especially if you have a public account. It makes you vulnerable to real life attacks. Best way to avoid this? Avoid geotagging all together, or update your privacy settings on facebook to reflect who exactly you want to access your information.

Public Wifi- you wouldn't think anything of it, but contrary to that common belief, it's actually a quite notorious method of being hacked. Fraudsters create highly realistic network logins that, once accessed gives them access to your browser history, cookies etc and any personal information you may have recently entered. To prevent this, always double check the network that you're connecting to is legit, or simply invest in an all-you-can-eat data plan form provider such as Boost Mobile +5.78-11.55 CashCoins, or alternatively, LycaMobile +3.00 CashCoins, where you can make international calls for the same rate.

Lastly, always be conscious of where you're submitting your personal information online, as hackers and fraudsters get more and more creative in their scheming ways everyday.

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