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Easter- a time for celebration, worship, family and, mostly importantly as some would argue- chocolate. But how many of us actually know the reason for giving out easter eggs- chocolate or otherwise on this specific day?

It all started with Eastern Catholic churches dying the exteriors boiled eggs red to represent the blood of christ, which alongside the hard shells of the eggs which are symbolic of the sealed Tomb of Christ. Therefore, when the egg is cracked, it signifies the resurrection of Christ. Something very interesting i didn't know myself until recently!

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Also, we at CashBackEarners have a little surprise for you- an Easter Competition in which you could win 75.00 CashCoins! We have hidden some eggs in an image, are you able to count the right number? Take part in this competition to win 75.00 CashCoins. The cost of joining this contest 0.50 CashCoins will be automatically deducted from the members account. This contest can only be entered one time by each member

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