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Celebration of life month

Celebration of life month was created by Food for Health International in order to raise awareness about health and mindfulness; how we as humans should be taking care of your bodies and minds more.

So what can you do today to improve your health? Don't worry, we've got you covered with all the best tips and tricks.

1. Start eating healthier! How many times have you come home after a long day at work, looked at the unsatisfying array of ingredients in the fridge, and just gone ahead and ordered take out? Then felt terrible afterwards? Well no more! In 2018, were meal prepping like bosses. Take a couple of hours out every sunday afternoon and cook a massive batch of your favourite food, making sure you get a healthy balance. Then you're gonna separate them into tupperware containers, which you can find in stores like Woolworths +0.50 - 10.00 CashCoins. aaand there you have it, a perfectly healthy and available dinner, ORR throw in a cheeky granola bar and piece of fruit for a fantastic lunch too

2. Reevaluate your exercise output level; do you consider yourself a ‘healthy’ person, but find yourself constantly experiencing random aches and pains? Having trouble going up a flight of stairs? Well, that ain't good news! It's your body's way of telling you that something has to change, and soon! Take baby steps towards fixing your cardio and fitness levels by starting small, such as walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift. Soon you'll find yourself waking everyday with purpose and itching to get out and about!

3. Mental health; Healthy mind, healthy body. There is no point trying to correct the bad habits in your life without first resolving any mental health issues you could be dealing with, from stress to depression, make sure you seek the appropriate help you need. Check out some great self help books at Booktopia +3.75% CashCoins to get you started today!

4. Have fun! Everything is great is moderation, so while you’re trying to better yourself make sure youre also having fun in your day to day life. Treat yourself to that amazing slice of cake, go out and have fun with your friends, spend time with your loved ones, make memories! Before you know it time will have passed you by, but is it going to be in a blur of happy memories or a blur of your work desk? Check out Groupon Shopping +4.00 - 4.25% CashCoins or Livingsocial + 3.50% CashCoins for local recommendations.

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