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Why we should be proud to be women

These days, in light of the upcoming International Women's Day, I've been thinking of reasons why we should be proud to be women. This is a complicated question. Let's face it, we come from a male oriented society. And sometimes, it's tough to think of reasons why we should believe that we are smart, beautiful, sexy, and strong when so many sources tell us the opposite. But I don't want to focus on the negative aspects of our society but on our strengths. Obviously, each woman and person is their own unique color and type, but if you need a boost and reminder why YOU are amazing, here are 10 reasons why you should be proud to be a woman. Maybe you will see yourself in some of these qualities!


1) We are resilient.

Even when people tell us we can't do something, that we are lesser, weaker, smaller...there is a strength inside every woman and an underlying truth that we are stronger than we seem. In the face of opposition, women have done amazing things against all odds. We don't give up. If you have doubts, look to your historic sisters. The pilgrim women who survived and thrived in dangerous new lands, the scientists, the leaders, the women who didn't stay silent. 

2) We tend to have more patience.

As women are normally the ones that raise children (this isn't always the case, of course), and everyone knows that children are the number one test on a person's patience, by having to deal with little ones, women tend to be more patient. It takes a whole lot of patience to deal nicely with someone who wont stop saying “mommy” every couple of seconds, or has tantrums in public places. Who has children and hasn't been in this situation, please raise your hands (you won the lottery). We need to learn to be patient out of sheer love, and if that isn't a super power, I don't know what is.

3) We are better communicators.

Women tend to be better listeners and find understanding with communicating with our network of support. That being said, women tend to be able to better describe their feelings, opinions and thoughts. We are creatures that are in tune with our feelings and dreams, and we are not afraid to say what we think or feel. There are no filters on this, so we tend to be more sincere and open about what we think and feel and are able to communicate that in a way where the other person can understand.

4) Our super power is empathy.

If you have ever cried when watching a sad movie, or listening to a friend's troubles, and you really felt like you understood whatever that pain is, your super power is empathy. The ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and really try to understad them, gives you a more profound connection with humanity. That normally makes you a kinder and more ethical person.

5) We are fexible.

If plans change and you don't get upset, but find the positive in the situation and still have fun, this is your super power. Flexibility is a paramount characteristic in being happy. It's the dissapointed people who never seem to find happiness. And being flexible means that you are a more easy going person and much more interesting to hang around with.

6) We are inclined to make strong social networks.

Women have a need to have a strong support system. It doesn't have to be a big network. It might be a best friend, or a couple of really intimate friends, or your mom, or your sister. We need each other to raise ourselves up in those troubling moments and to encourage each other to take risks, or do things that we might be aprehensive about like taking that new job, asking for a raise, dealing with problems with your significant other. We need each other, and together, we make each other stronger.

7) We propogate the species

Although this one is a pretty cliché reason why we should be proud, I think it's important to include because as far as I know, we still haven't been able to replicate the miracle that is what happens when women have children. We are people that make other people! 

8) We have higher thresholds for pain.

Again, another cliché but it is true. How many of you know your boyfriends to become huge babies when they get little colds? And we women, every month, find a way to get on with our lives under great discomfort. We do sports and we carry on as if nothing is going on. I know that I have been super sick and still found the strength to take care of my family. Super mom to the rescue!

9) We are intuitive.

How many times have you saved yourself because something “didn't feel right.” I think that we have all been in that position. How many of you have made big life decisions from your gut? There is something inside each of us, like a compass, that points us to what is true. It's an art to learn to master your feelings and your inner compass. It sometimes takes years to forment your intuition, but every woman I know has this.

10) We tend to be more positive.

Life is hard sometimes but what gets us through is our social network and our inner strength. Knowing that you are not alone but standing on the shoulders of your sisters and mothers means that we have hope and strength to get through anyting. Just take a look at some of the bravest women that we've had in history. We have so much to look forward to and be proud of!I hope that you have a wonderful Women's day this Wednesday and that you are PROUD to be a woman or you are PROUD of the amazing women in your life, which I hope, are many!

Happy International Women's Day, Cashback Earners!

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