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5 tricks to start reading!

Once upon a time, I used to read all the time. I would devour books like any person would devour a good meal. And all of the adventures, the inspiration, and the pleasure that reading added to my life was evident (not to mention the boost in vocabulary). Life soon got in the way of that. Enter stage right: kids, job, responsibilities, and being an adult. Suddenly your days fly by and you are lucky to get 5 minutes to sit down on a couch, not to mention trying to read a book! But this year, I want to make an effort to try to MAKE time to start reading again. When you read, you have so many new things to talk about. You are able to find new perspectives on your life. And it is important to keep those "imagination muscles" warm and limber as we get older. Here are the 5 changes that you can make to your life that might be helpful to make sure that you read everyday, no matter how busy you are!

1) I keep a good book with me, ALL THE TIME. Obviously you aren't going to lug around your hardbound edition of Pride and Predjudice, but with eReaders and mini iPads, it's easy to take War and Peace (or 50 Shades of Grey) with you anywhere you go. The eReaders are soft on your eyes, so there is less eye strain and it's perfect for those break moments with your cup of coffee, or on the commute to work in the morning.

2) Instead of aimlessly reading news and having Saint Google answer my random questions, Which animals are the most intellient animals on the planet? How close are we coming to finding new habitable planets? Etc. I put the cell phone in the living room and force myself to use that time, right before falling asleep, to read a couple of chapters. You'd be surprised how easy it is to get into this habit and actually finish a book.

3) Hang out with other people who love to read. If you have any friends that read regularly, or are in a reading group, this is a nice way to push you to read the latest novels as you have someone to discuss the book with.

4) When you get a chance, drop by your local bookstore. Spend at least 30 minutes there perusing the top 10 selling books. See if aything catches your eye. There is nothing like the smell of fresh new pages to get you going.

5) Share your “reading time” with your family. If your kids can't read yet, they can still enjoy the pictures in their books. If you make this a habit every weekend, you will find that you gain more and more “quiet time” with your family which can be really nice. Also, your kids will get into the habit of reading, and might even become literature lovers, just like you!

Happy reading Cashback Earners!

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By adrienne harries on 05-03-2017 at 19:41:12
reading takes me to another world, hard to be stressed, upset or lonely when in a world of words. I still prefer a good hard copy book and carry one with me always, so waiting at doctors or for a bus never seems hard
By Bhavika Gohel on 02-03-2017 at 15:54:19
Reading is the best activity in free time and yes during family time you also share your good thoughts with you family member or friends which you had read from some good book.
By Khirsty Fisher on 02-03-2017 at 03:45:39
I love reading myself but it has to be interesting and something I can get into
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