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Sports 2017

So the European final is coming up between Italy and Spain, two Titans amongst the greatest in football. In light of the upcoming game, we thought it would be nice to put the spotlight back on you and your health and fitness, in addition to offering you the chance to participate in our prediction raffle. As the days get colder and winter comes, it is actually an excellent time to think about staying in shape and being healthy. If you are like me, then perhaps that means getting up from the couch and starting to walk, and if you are more advanced, then that probably means you step it up a notch in the gym to really sculpt your body into what you want it to be. We do have resources for you to make these goals come true.

I think that the first step in getting fit is actually looking good while you are doing it. It's one thing if you are a sweaty, smelly, red monster, but at least your clothes can be well fitting and draw a bit of attention away from all that physical effort. Rockwear has some pretty nice choices for getting you inspired to get moving. Skins is a classic choice for serious athletes and wannabes alike. Skins clothing integrates technology to make sure that you optimize your movements and have air flow to your body...less smelliness after workouts and sweat control (yay!). If you are a woman, a key component of working out properly is finding the right support, and by support, I am talking about the right sports bra. I have two favourites: Berlei and Boobydoo. Berlei is backed by Serena Williams and their designs are streamline and perfect for women who are larger chested. One of the biggest detriments to get out there and moving is the fear of having something come out of place or just being uncomfortable while you move. A good bra makes sure that you are comfortable and agile. Boobydoo is another favourite. Apart from the name, which is amazing, they offer big sizes in addition to being able to shop by sport. That way you have a range of support for the broad range of activities that you are doing. Again, they have sports bras that are streamline and comfortable.

Getting the work out clothes out of the way, the other major component to taking that first step in getting fit are a proper pair of trainers. You really should invest in a good pair because your feet can influence everything from your posture as you are working out, to saving you from terrible back and knee pain. Your shoes can also influence your agility and gracefulness in what you are doing and the amount of effort you need to exert for each activity. At Sportitude, you can find your favourite brands like Nike, Adidas, Asics, New Balance, or if you are feeling a bit "alternative," they even carry those running shoes that make you feel like you are running barefoot.

If you want to work out in your house and need equipment: skipping rope, dumbells etc. because perhaps you don't want to spend money on a gym membership just yet, you can always find some activity products at Sporting House Direct on the cheap.

The key is finding an activity that you like. It doesn't have to be just working out. If you can find anything that you are even remotely interested in, playing volleyball with some friends, throwing the ball with your kids, taking up a tennis match with your mother in law, you are one step closer to a healthier, sexier, happier you!

Good luck in your winter adventure into the world of health and fitness, Cashback Earners! We wish you all the best.

Sports prediction game 2017

If you are interested in participating in our prediction game for the European match 2017 between Italy and Spain, we are offering heaps of CashCoins (75.00) for the person who guesses the right winner. To participate, it's 1.50 CashCoins, and if there are more than one person who guesses the right team, you are entered into a raffle for the 75.00 CashCoins. You can start participating on the 26th until the match starts right here.


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By Thao Nguyen on 26-05-2017 at 22:27:56
Italy:0 Spain:2
Saras : CashbackEarners.com.au Team
   Hi Thao, You actually just have to chose who is going to win from the two options on the link. https://www.cashbackearners.com.au/user/sports-predictions.php 1) Choose an option (Italy or Spain) 2) Push Make your prediction button It's 1.50 CashCoins to participate.
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