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Top 10 for women in their 30's

30 is an amazing time for a woman. You finally have weeded out your acquaintences and have real and loyal friends, you don't care what people think of you, you are beautiful and more mature. At 30, you have things more or less figured out about your life. But now that you are in your 30's, that also means that to be fabulous, you need to start taking better care of yourself. Here are the top 10 things that every 30 year old woman needs to be her best, beautiful, and fabulous self!

  1. A signature scent. There is nothing more powerful than a scent to bring back memories and to stir feelings within the people around you. How many of you smell a certain cologne and it brings you right back to your first love...for better or worse... If you haven't found your perfect scent yet, now is a great time to get that sorted out. Your scent should be like you. Whether you are fruity and flirty, or sensual and musky, your scent is a great way for people to relate to you. You can try different scents from our online stores from RY.com.au, Sephora, Perfume.com, or FragranceShop.com to name a few.

  2. A GOOD face cream. The only way to keep your face fresh and wrinkle free is with a proper and good quality face cream. Those days of dabbing body lotion on your face are over. You want to search for one that has sun screen already mixed in it. You already know that it is importat to wear sunscreen everyday. If you have skin that is a bit tired, I highly recommend the Turnaround Daytime Revitalizing Moisturizer from Clinique. It's non greasy and really makes your face look glowing. You put it on overnight and voilá, perfect smooth skin in the morning. And during the day I use Super City Block SPF 30+ which is also from Clinique. I have pale skin so that sun protection is key to looking as youthful and fresh as I feel.

  3. The best way to really feel and look great is to take care of your diet. So it is important that now that you are in your 30's you have a couple of quick, healthy recipes up your sleeve and a couple of recipes to wow a crowd when you invite your friends over for dinner. You can find really amazing recipe books at Booktopia, Angus & Robertson Bookworld or Wordery like Mary Berry's book Everyday cooking or Joe Wicks' Lean in 15.

  4. Sticking with the healthy lunch, I can't recommend more a microwave cooking set. It's a fast and easy way to eat steamed veggies and fish, and helps with portion control while at work. No more hurting your body with fast food.You can find them at the Kitchen warehouse for cheap and it will save your gut and your skin, not to mention your figure.

  5. Being 30 means that your body needs more conditioning to stay firm and healthy. The key here is finding something that you LIKE doing. Being active doesn't have to be boring and just endlessly going to the gym (unless you like that sort of thing). It can be finding the time to cycle on weekends or to work, running/jogging, getting into yoga through some classes from Groupon or LivingSocial. Get into something that catches your interest. A good way to motivate yourself is with a new work out outfit. Rockwear, has some great options and if you are a runner, mac in a sac has your back when it gets chilly and rainy.

  6. Your outside reflects your insides and you probably already know that even if you are feeling blue, a great way to lift your spirits is to wear a great fitting outfit that you feel strong and comfortable in. Millers offers great options that are affordable and will have you looking great!

  7. Being 30 means that it is an ideal time to really push yourself to try new things. In your 20's, you probably didn't have the funds, or the time to start crossing things off your bucket list. At 30, you have money and your body is in a good place to try things that you have always wanted to do like drive a race car or go rock climbing. At Adrenaline you can find activites that take you out of your every day and out of your comfort zone. You need to start living before its too late and a good time to start is right now, not tomorrow.

  8. If you are finding yourself with the first signs of greyness, you are in luck, because this is a great time to change your look. Feel free to change your hair color to what you have always wanted to try but were too afraid to. Every woman need a look change in their lifetime. Some women chop their hair short and sassy and some women go redhead. Whatever feels exciting to you, you probably should try it out. You can always go back to the original color later, or embrace the grey!

  9. As life pushes us down, we need to find the funny and LAUGH. Find activities that will get you into a hearty belly laugh. Have dinner with your friends and focus on the positive. If we don't find the fun, life will just be dull and not to mention that stress is written all over your face. Laughing is an easy way to cope.

  10. Be honest with yourself and with others. Not that you don't care what people think of you, there is nothing more liberating than being really honest about who you are and being honest with those around you. Keep in mind that being honest doesn't mean being mean, as those are two very different things. To be honest means that eventually, you will accept yourself and other people for how they are. You can forgive what you cannot do and love what you can do.

It's a great time in your life so enjoy this moment and be proud. You've made it this far and you are wonderful, just imagine what is in store for you in your 40's!     
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