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Top 10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for HIM

I don't know about you, but every year, I spend WAY too much time perusing the internet trying to find the perfect present for a guy who has everything. Well, Valentines day doesn't have to be that hard. I have done all the work for you and here is a workable list of options according to the amount of time you have been with your significant other. From, "I just met you and I think I like you," all the way to "We've been married so long, you probably just want something practical." So here we go ladies, the Top 10 Valentine's day gifts for him according to your relationship status.


10) I just met you and I am socially obligated to buy you a little thing for Valentines day so it isn't awkward.

  • Cheap option: Batman Egg cup and toast cutter from The Hut. ($6)
  • Medium option: A wine from WineMarket. You can drink it together that night ($5 - $15)
  • Expensive option: A hotel room for something exciting from Hotels.com


9) I just met you and I think I like you

  • Cheap option: A cool book from Wordery ($10 - $25)
  • Medium option: Sexy lingerie from Bloomingdales Boudoir collection – you both win ($15 - $30)
  • Expensive option: A more expensive option from Bloomingdale's Boudoir collection, like from La Perla for example. ($50 - $200)


8) We've been dating for a week - 2 weeks now. Nothing serious, just fun.

  • Cheap option: Download him some music off iTunes (less than $15)
  • Medium option: Buy him a movie that you can watch from iTunes ($15 - $20)
  • Expensive option: A new corset from Fantasy Lingerie They have one called the Beyonce corset. Good way to knock him out with your curves. ($69.99)



7) We've been dating for some weeks and I think we are officially boyfriend-girlfriend?

  • Cheap option: A cool leather bracelet from ASOS on clearance ($8 - $20)
  • Medium option: A nice watch from Ali Express ($5 - $40)
  • Expensive option: A new video game from his console at eBay. You can play together...right? ($50 + )


6) We've been dating and I met your parents. Getting kinda serious.

  • Cheap option: An iPad cover from Ali Express ($8 - $15)
  • Medium option: A cool waterproof jacket from Mac in a Sac for outdoor sports. ($15 - $30)
  • Expensive option: A good watch from Ali Express ($40+)


5) We've been dating for HOW LONG?!

  • Cheap option: A cool hatfrom ASOS ($20 - $30)
  • Medium option: A cooler hat than the cool hat at ASOS ($30 - $50)
  • Expensive option: A boxset of his favorite T.V. Series from Sanity. P.S. They are on sale.


4) We are still dating and you still haven't “popped” the question. Let's give you a nudge in the right direction.

  • Cheap option: Cool metal ring from Just Men's Rings ($21 - 30)
  • Medium option: A nicer version of a cool metal ring from Just Men's Rings ($30 - $50)
  • Expensive option: Set the scene with a romantic dinner for two or an exciting activity together with Living Social.



3) We're newly married! Yay! Let's get you looking more stylish.

  • Cheap option: A fun novelty item from The Hut like a Poe Dameron's x-wing fighter construction kit for (under $10)
  • Medium option: Hawkers sunnies ($20 - $30)
  • Expensive option: Picnic pack from Simply wholesale ($80 +)


2) We've been married for some time and you need this.

  • Cheap option: A nice smelling body soap and personal products from The Hut ($5 - $30)
  • Medium option: A proper suit that makes you look nice when we go places. M.J.Bale is a good option. You buy it once and then you have it for life. (less than $100)
  • Expensive option: A weekend trip to a place he has always wanted to go with Booking.com.


1) For the lucky guy that has everything, but especially ME for all these years.

  • Cheap option: A good tequila. Its a party tonight in our house. Buy it at Woolworths. ($30 - $50)
  • Medium option: A good bottle of tequila (or vodka or whatever) from Woolworths. ($70+)
  • Expensive option: Go on a life changing adventure with Intrepid. Get out of your comfort zone, explore together.

Have a fun and safe holiday everyone. Happy shopping!

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