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Valentines day Theme page

Valentine's day is right around the corner and you don't want to be caught without a thoughtful, interesting and perfect gift for your special someone. Afterall, this is the only day of the year dedicated to showing this person how much you appreciate them (if you don't already do this everyday).

Did you know that the origins of Valentines, like all really fun holidays, were efforts to Christianize an originally pagan tradition? Valentine's day is no different. In the middle of February, they used to celebrate Lupercalia, which was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture and the Roman founder gods, Romulus and Remus. They believed that the rituals they did during this time would make women more fertile for the next year. Another really interesting thing that they would do is put all the young women's names in a big urn and the city's bachelors would choose a name and become paired with the woman for the year. Many of these matches ended in marriage.

Today, February is still the month of love. It is a happy respite for some time without a celebration since the New Years hullabaloo and Australia day. In case you are in a rut for inspiration on what to get for your sweetheart, in these weeks, up until Valentines day on the 14th, we will post suggestions on things that we have found on sale, or that might make a great gift.

To help you in your quest, we have made a specific Valentines Day theme page that will have vouchers for special prices and discounts for Valentines day. You are sure to find something lovely for him, or for her, and at a discounted price.

Just for some quick go to's we suggest that you check out these 5 shops that have an extra special discount for the occasion.

1) Ali Express This is your best bet for a wide range of things. From perfume, to car parts, to anything under the sun! They have daily deals, which if you catch the webpage at the right moment, could be really helpful.

2) Interflora For a proper bouquet of flowers, Interflora has a great range of options and are really reliable. You know that you'll get a smile from your special someone when she receives a bouquet of flowers. It brightens any day and any room.

3) Tastebuds I've fallen a bit in love with this shop because they fuse two things that I absolutely love: chocolate and flowers. It's a very clever and different present. A bouquet of chocolate flowers, really, I can think of nothing better than that.

4) Perfume.com Perfume.com has fragrances for men and women. You can never have too many bottles of cologne and there is nothing that gets the love fever going than a nice smelling sweetheart.

5) Superjeweler Super jeweler offers great options on jewellery for all occasions. If you have the budget, why not splurge on something that your sweetheart will have FOREVER.

Those are just some ideas of many that we have. Keep tuned in for more Valentines day gift ideas! Happy shopping Cashbackearners.

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