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Are you really happy?

When did you last feel happy? We don’t mean a fleeting moment of happy, but a wholesome, genuine feeling of happiness. More often than not, in today’s day and age, we may just be losing what true happiness can mean to us. We live in an age where there can be an unnecessary pressure to have your feelings and actions controlled by social media. As part of World Happiness Day this 20th March (yes, this is a REAL thing), we have put together some ideas on re-discovering happiness!

How often do you take time out for yourself? Do you find yourself lying in bed thinking about the next working day? When was the last time you really took some much needed downtime? Our suggestion is to pick up a book! Not only is it a great way to escape or learn something new, it gives you the chance to turn off from the daily hubbub of life. The Book Depository has a great range of genres to meet your needs, and while you enjoy some mental respite, you can earn up to 2.50% CashCoins.

Okay, so our next stop on the finding happiness tour is your face. Look at it. It’s beautiful. When you’re caught up in the rat race of life, it can be easy to forget about pampering yourself from time to time. Sometimes, it’s nice to destress by buying yourself a small beauty treat, be it a bath bomb or a cheeky lipstick! Have a peruse of Alive, a site that sells a range of beauty treats for your hair to your toes. It’s also worth mentioning they stock vegan makeup, for those that are interested! Just to make you smile, you can earn up to 3.75% CashCoins.
Stop three. Have you ever tried going solo? We mean on holiday! Ditch the stress for a few days and unwind on a beach or go sightseeing! An important part of this could be going alone, allowing you to appreciate the journey and the friends you may make along the way. If the idea of an adventure makes you happy, use lookupfare to find the cheapest travel deals near you, and earn up to 10.57% CashCoins.
So far we have covered finding happy if you love a good book, a pamper or some adventure! Our final stop is for those budding gastronauts out there. If thinking of a belgian waffle covered in ice cream and chocolate pieces brings you joy, keep reading happiness seeker! If happiness to you is staying at home in your jammies and enjoying some hard earned food, look no further. Menulog deliver right to your door, with cuisines from all over your city, go wild! You should know by now, you can earn up to 1.20% CashCoins when you order.
We hope that this blog helps you focus on the most important thing, yourself. Whether you choose to spend the day alone or with friends, we wish you a Happy World Happiness Day! Spread the joy with your friends and family, wherever you go.
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