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Pour it up! It's Aussie Wine Month

Wine. Some places were drinking it long before clean water was actually a thing. But hey, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? While time has passed on, we may have forgotten many things along the way, besides wine and our love for it. People even go as far as paying for tasting sessions, claiming to taste hints of red cedar wood or freshly cut grass. While we all may not be able to detect fancy undertones, we have put together all of our best wine stores to mark the start of Aussie Wine Month! Let’s get sipping, shall we?



So let’s get this party started to take you to cloud wine! Yes, there are going to be a LOT of puns. Red, white, sparkling. Whatever catches your fancy, Cellarmasters has everything you can think of. If you’re looking to throw a party and want to cater for a range of wine tastes, Cellarmasters offers some mixed cases, so there’s something for everyone! When you order, you can earn up to 5.50% CashCoins! Did we forget to mention, Cellarmasters has a great clearance section, where you can get up to 50% off.

Our next favourite for wine-ding down this Aussie Wine Month is- Get Wines Direct. The name pretty much says it all! If you’re looking for something to tickle your wine taste buds, but don’t want to splurge, Get Wines Direct has bottles starting from as little as $8. Yes, we know! What are you waiting for? Order now and earn up to 4.00% CashCoins.

We know it’s Aussie Wine Month, which is basically 31 glorious days of appreciating all wines, but we have a solution for those that don’t want it to stop. If you’re all ‘Oh, sweet child of wine’ check out The Wine Collective. Yes, we said collective! If you’re struggling on what to buy or even want to try something new, The Wine Collective often suggests Wines of the Week. This saves you time on that all important wine picking decision! When you order the woozy boozy, earn up to 6.25% CashCoins.

Some of you might be thinking we are just wine-ing on about wine. Yes, we know everyone doesn’t love wine as much as we do, and that’s okay! You can still celebrate with *drum roll* BEER! If you fall into Team Anti-Wine, Beer Cartel is right up your street! With every kind of beer you can think of (even beer gifts) you’ll be all set for Aussie Wine Month. Yes, we know different people have different ways of showing their appreciation. While you order a case or two, you can earn up to 2.50% CashCoins!

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions for Aussie Wine Month! Whether you’re swishing wine in your glass or chugging a beer, we hope you make the most of this month. Whether you're going to sample internationally or stick to the good old Aussie stuff, we wish you a Happy Wine Month!

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