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It's Baby Season!

Well, it’s that time of the year folks! In case you’re wondering what we’re on about, we mean baby season. Research has shown that most Aussies babies are springing up like daisies in the months of July, August and September! Whether you’re prepping for a baby shower as a guest or are actually housing a little human right now, keep reading for our round up of baby must haves!


Okay, so you might be due soon, or nearing towards the end of the third trimester. With so many bodily functions being a bit weird at the moment, you may not want to think about baby shopping. But fear not, this is why the internet was created, so we could be lazy to our fullest potential! So step one of baby shopping is deciding where you intend to put the little one. Some parents prefer within their own bedrooms, while others opt for a nursery. Regardless of preference, it’s important to have your baby furniture basics. By that we mean a cot and a changing table. This is where Baby & Toddler Town comes in! They have a great range of nursery furniture for the lavish parents as well as the understated. Our top recommendation is shopping their furniture packages for big savings- you can get a cot and changing table in just $529 AND you can earn up to 2.00% CashCoins.

Our next suggestion is for family and friends looking to gift the ultimate baby present! It can be quite hard to find something unique that parents will appreciate for their little one. The Baby Gift Company has a great range of gift boxes! You can pick a box depending on the gender of the baby, and the company will do the rest, filling it up with clothing and baby goodies. If you don’t want a pre-selection of goodies for your box, you can opt for a custom box! They take it a step further, with a treat box for Mums too. Get ordering now and earn up to 5.00% CashCoins.

While you may not need to hurry off to buy baby food just yet, if you’re considering breast feeding, keep reading! It can be an absolute pain waking up for baby feeds when breastfeeding. That’s where you can take full advantage of a breast pump! Toy Universe has a great range of breast pumps, so you can express milk in advance. This leaves no excuse for your partner to wake you up when baby needs a feed during the night! The Tommy Tippee Breast Pump is now on offer for $180 and you can earn up to 2.50% CashCoins.

Pregnancy can take its toll on the body. Fear not! Whether you’re on the tail end of your final trimester or half way through Cake Maternity has a great range of bras and clothing. Their maternity range covers everything you could possibly need for your growing bump, and even after you have your baby. While you shop, you can earn up to 2.50% CashCoins.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog on our baby must haves! Remember to shop and earn CashCoins, because babies cost enough. We hope you have a safe transition on your baby journey. Happy shopping!


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