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Getting Earthy for Earth Day!

Earth. We live on it, and as far as we know for now, there’s no other planet like it. Over the past few years, we have heard alarming things in the news about the future of Earth and its depletion. This has led to a worldwide effort on saving our home! If you didn’t know, while the 22nd of April is Easter Monday, it’s also Earth Day. Let us take you through our top suggestions on how can you make a small change to help make the Earth a better place. Let’s go!


Sometimes, the smallest changes we make can have the biggest impact on our environment. Do you know where your food really comes from? Or how it’s grown? Are there people in lab coats zapping the soil to keep up with demand for certain types of food? Have you ever considered introducing organic food into your diet? Food that is farmed organically eliminates chances of soil and water becoming contaminated. Conventional farming techniques can introduce synthetic chemicals, like pesticides, which in turn contaminate the soil and affect wildlife in turn. If you’re looking to make the Earth smile, Organics on a Budget have a great range of, you guessed it- organically farmed foods! Get ordering now and earn up to 2.50% CashCoins!

So, our next suggestion not only saves the Earth, but it also helps YOU! Working a 9 to 5 can often mean we put our own health on the backburner. More often than not, it gets easy to stick to a routine and become a bit of a couch potato! If you’re looking to un-spud your lifestyle a bit, biking can be the perfect option. Instead of driving to nearby places, why not bike there instead? Biking more only results in cleaner air! If you are new to the world of bikes, ProBikeKit has everything you need to get started! As the prospect of cleaner air thanks you, you can earn up to 2.00% CashCoins. Best get cycling!

You may not have considered this, but sometimes the beauty products we use can cause harm to the environment. Ingredients like Palm oil can be harmful due to the way it’s sourced for our use. Packaging of beauty products can also add to excess waste. Especially plastic! Nourished Life is a great site if you’re looking to reduce waste without compromising on quality. Their range includes products that are cruelty free, have fairtrade ingredients and vegan. Make your skin happy with these natural ingredients as well as the Earth! It only gets better with up to 5.00% CashCoins up for grabs.

Packaging can play a big part in waste around the world! Whether it’s the eco footprint created from the delivery process or the un-needed plastic wrapping, we are impacting the Earth day by day. Flora and Fauna have nailed down the beauty of being an eco-friendly business. They offer everything from beauty to cleaning products, with the option of refillable products, plastic-free products and reusable goods. While you get scouring their site, remember you can earn up to 5.00% CashCoins while doing your bit for the Earth!

We wish you a happy Earth Day and hope you enjoyed our suggestions. We officially dub you an Earth Warrior, and hope you do your bit however small to save the Earth!

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