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Calling all fitness fanatics

It’s a new month, and with it comes a new Theme Page! We’ve had our Last Minute Holiday deals and now it’s time to focus on getting into shape with Fitness & Sport exclusive promotions!

We’ve got everything you need here to start your fitness regime, whether you’re a gym regular or a complete newbie. First of all you’ll need the sportswear to look and feel the part (isn’t that the first step after all...) First up we have OnSport, offering Australian fitness fanatics a wide range of men's and women's sportswear, apparel, compression, women's activewear, and running shoes. It’s a good place to start as it covers all bases and you’ll earn a nice 5.00% CashCoins.

If you’d like to give your new found active lifestyle a boost with vitamin and protein supplements then we have Muscle & Strength + 5.00% CashCoins, and Myprotein + 3.20% CashCoins. We also have 5.4, who provide macronutrient measured prepared meals delivered to your door, along with easy-to-follow plans that fast track your health and fitness goals. Get your trial box today, where you’ll receive their top 10 weight loss meals for just $99 and you’ll earn 10.00 CashCoins!

Of course, getting into shape isn’t just about getting that ‘perfect body’ (whatever that is…) It’s about helping yourself to feel your best, freeing your mind and taking part in new and fun activities whether solo or with a team. We hope our theme page offers you the inspiration you need to simply take those first steps to a better you, and of course earning CashCoins and making great savings along the way is just another bonus with CashbackEarners.

The best Cashback offers from this moment:
5.4 10.00 CashCoins


5.4 was founded to give everyone access to affordable & nutritious food for consumers to achieve their ideal health & fitness goals.

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Muscle and Strength 5.00% CashCoins

Muscle and Strength

The best fitness and nutrition supplements online from the best brands.

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Onsport 5.00% CashCoins


onsport.com.au offers Australian sport and fitness fanatics a wide range of men's and women's sportswear, apparel, compression, women's activewear, gym gear, exercise equipment and more!

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+ 28,00 CashCoins WW The New Weight Watchers
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