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Happy New Year! January is well under way, many of us see this time as a period to ‘reset’, but it’s usually at this point that the new year resolutions start coming undone. Although we all start out with the best intentions, whether it’s commiting to a regular fitness routine, bringing in lunch to the office or simply becoming more mindful - it’s hard to keep up the good work. But fear not, we’re here to help with some small suggestions and stores that can help you no matter what you want to achieve this year. There’s added incentive too, with savings in the form of CashCoins there really is no excuse to not keep up the good work!

Resolution 1 - Get into shape 
The most common resolution is the want to get fitter, the need to move is real after the Christmas sofa slump! Perhaps you’ve recently signed up to a gym, vowed to go running twice a week or plan to walk the long way home? Whatever it is there is no denying having the right kit or equipment can help you stick to your well-intentioned plans. Sportitude offers a whole multitude of work out gear, running shoes, backpacks plus accessories like water bottles and sweat bands to help you achieve your aims. Shop with them now and you’ll also get the added benefit of 3.50% CashCoins.
Resolution 2 - Be more organised
Many people see the month of January to start afresh and get their lives ‘together’. Whether that’s keeping a physical diary or planner, organising clutter in your home or keeping a joint calendar between families and friends. There’s certainly a lot of products and apps out that can assist this. Personally we are loving the bold and fun designs Smiggle add to their journals/diaries/planners and are drawn to them. With physical products starting to become more popular (if you write something down you are more likely to remember it), treat yourself to something you love and WANT to write in to help you keep up with this resolution, not to mention you’ll earn 2.50% CashCoins too. 
Resolution 3 - Prep more healthy meals at home
With January now being ‘Vegan-uary’, the campaign which has a global reach sees so many more people using the month to test themselves and see if they can stay clear of animal products/foods and reap the health benefits. Others who perhaps can’t stretch to this often just make it a plan to eat out less, prepare more meals at home and to limit their intake of certain ‘bad’ foods. If you’re in this camp then we have two awesome stores to give you a hand. First Goodness Me Box, who’ll send you a box of tasty, affordable and well thought out vegan products each month. If you give it a go there’s 5.00% CashCoins in it for you too. We also love Dinnerly whose recipe boxes ensure customers have the tools to conveniently eat high-quality, nutritious meals that help them feel far healthier and happier. Sign up to their boxes today and you’ll receive 7.50 CashCoins - go on!
Resolution 4 - See more of the world
Finally with January being the month it is, many people resolve to travel more and see new places throughout the year. It’s a popular time to book sunny trips abroad and plan your destinations for the year ahead. Make sure to check out our Holidays Themepage now where you can see the full range of our travel & holiday stores plus amazing deals and promotions to earn your CashCoins with.


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