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Winter Beauty Tips to Live By

Winter. Cold days and nights, with showers to match. Memories of the summer are the only thing keeping you warm. Okay, so we might be being a bit dramatic, but let’s be real, winter is not for the faint hearted. Besides the copious amounts of rain, it can wreak havoc on your body. Dry skin and scalps do NOT help the situation. But fear not, we are here to save you from the Winter Blues and keep that skin looking supple!




When winter attacks, it goes straight for the skin. As we turn into temporary hermits during the winter, this can mean the dry indoor air can really strip essential moisture from our skin. Worry not though! Lookfantastic has got you covered with their great range of serums to pack in some much needed moisture. Whilst you’re spoilt for choice on serum choice, remember you can earn up to 12.50% CashCoins.

Serums aside, did you know you can also moisturise your hair in a similar way? Aveda has a great range of hair oils and leave in treatments to keep some much needed moisture locked into your hair! If you’re unsure about how intensive to go, try the knot test. All you have to do is try and tie a knot in your hair. If it bounces back immediately it means your hair is healthy. If it stays knotted, then it needs some serious TLC to get that much needed bounce back. Before you get knotting, Aveda has 30% off AND you can earn up to 5.50% CashCoins.

This is for our readers that love their organic products. Yes we know, we have thought of everyone! Organicsonabudget have sourced all beauty products that have organic ingredients and are either vegan and or cruelty free. While your skin may dry up, it’s also important to buff away dead skin cell build up to avoid unwanted spots from forming. Why not give the Doctor Organic Manuka face scrub? It acts as a great two in one, with moisturising Manuka replacing any moisture lost in the exfoliation process. With a Doctor Organic sale on with Organicsonabudget you can earn up to 2.50% CashCoins. What’s stopping you?

Keep reading if you fancy a bit of a splurge! Clinique has unveiled its new three step kits, aimed at eradicating different types of skin issues. Whether you’re a dry or combination type, Clinique has formulated something for you! If you’re just dipping your toe in the Clinique pond, you can grab a sample kit of your desired 3 step product range, allowing you to try before you commit to the full product. Get ordering your mini kit now and earn up to 5.50% CashCoins.

We hope you’re keeping wrapped up this Winter, and that you enjoyed learning some tips from our survive the Winter blog!

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