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Book your holiday online with discount at is an informative, user-friendly website that guarantees the best available prices. Their goal is to provide business and leisure travelers with the most accessible and cost-effective way of discovering and booking the broadest selection of accommodation, in every corner of the world. Reviews

Deanne  | 30/10/18  13:27:40 | Store rating :
Very good and happy help me plan for my holiday recommend them. Told family and friends about the site. I will be using them from now on. I have showed the family and friends the site.The site is easy to use.
Amanda Sullivan  | 27/10/18  15:58:22 | Store rating :
simple great deals easy to book through app. No booking fee allows to hold hotel at bargain price and pay on arrival. very attractive app with colour photos of hotels and a map included to find your way
Hayley Francis  | 25/10/18  08:43:32 | Store rating :
My husband and I were very pleased with the simplicity with which we were able to research the accommodation we required for our trip to Bali a few months ago.. We were happy with the pricing and the availability was satisfactory also..
Sam Johnston  | 13/05/18  00:08:18 | Store rating :
Very well an easy to use was booked instantly no hassles at all we had a wonderful trip to port Macquarie got to see all the beaches an sight seaing points all an all was a great trip an would recommend to anyone anytime
James Mellor  | 18/04/18  02:48:07 | Store rating :
We always use when we travel we have saved so much money just by getting our accommodation through them. It is easy to book and pay online and it is a very easy website to navigate and use.
Jordana Clay  | 04/01/18  21:23:31 | Store rating :
bookings. com is an awesome site to go through when it comes to making a booking. very efficient, making everything super easy. had no dramas with the process of booking.
Theresa Parish  | 19/11/17  13:41:00 | Store rating :
The best and easiest app to book a great hotel with the best deals. The app out of all hotel apps is worth the highest rating after ive tried all of them. If you have any hassles that may come with the booking you have made the app makes it so fast and simple to have direct contact straight with the hotel
Maybelle Talania  | 13/11/17  20:40:43 | Store rating :
Have an excellent list of hotels to compare prices with. The website is easy to use. Have the option of booking the hotel with free cancellation. Also have the option of paying the amount at the hotel. A+++ Hotel information. Support is there when needed. Easily contactable.
Alison Kerr  | 06/09/17  19:27:19 | Store rating :
Very good app for booking accommodation. I like how it has the option to pay when you arrive. I have also not only double but triple booked once and thankfully they were kind enough to refund me two full payments :)
Thao Nguyen  | 19/05/17  23:17:53 | Store rating :
I have been heard a lot of good things a bout this site, it's one of trusted site for traveler. I haven't have a change to use the site but have have been there to there site. So must different option for you . At a good deal
Jessica Shepherd  | 05/04/17  11:13:29 | Store rating :
I registered with when I began a journey exploring Australia's eastern coastline in October 2016. I have never had any concerns with my bookings, nor if I needed to cancel due to changes in plans, and can recommend this site as they are very user friendly.
Tsuey Jee  | 02/04/17  01:52:27 | Store rating :
I love booking hotels via website. The process is very simple and easy. The website is easy to browse too. The payment system is efficient with many payment methods are available. I will definitely use it again.
Rene Caldwell-Harris  | 19/11/16  10:41:40 | Store rating :
never used a website to find somewhere to stay before, but was so easy to use. Easy to see reviews, helpful star ratings. And the offer to use an app as well so that information can be sent on the day to you was also fantastic. Used it twice now and very happy.
Orson Harms  | 07/06/16  19:44:16 | Store rating :
good company with great people, my friend told me about this company, and he had great stories about them, i have discovere by myself that the are true, go with for reale, greate company
Amanda Gledhill  | 12/05/16  17:57:16 | Store rating :
Great booking experience booked through these guys twice online so easy and reliable recomend then to everybody and the accomodation was just as they discribed. Carnt wait for the next long weekend to book again
Nicole Dussel  | 02/05/16  14:08:29 | Store rating :
ITS really good site...easy to use and i booked à few times now..payment is easy And everything is good. In sure im go using this site to plan my vacation or just for à night to plan in à hotel. They have Nice offers
Terrye Hagan  | 26/03/16  12:08:42 | Store rating :
booking,com has always been the way i book hotels,it hasn't stuffed me around at all,so when i arrive my booking is no hassles and ll paid for,simple and easy to do it isnt a hassle to book online with these guys
DANIEL MULLER  | 19/02/16  01:40:21 | Store rating :
Cool bananas, lol looks and sounds inviting so i am gonna go over the site properly and will come back and probably write another review and give it a more accurate rating..... PS: Hope its as good as it sounds
tamka ashton  | 13/02/16  05:27:24 | Store rating :
I travel a lot and always use as my main site to book hotels it has great deals on so many great hotels across Australia and the rest of the world most hotel will offer free cancellation and a pay when you stay option which makes it convinient

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