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Booktopia Reviews

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Booktopia: your haven for books

Booktopia ships over 1,000,000 parcels a year to Australian addresses. Over 1,000,000 Australian people, businesses, schools, libraries, universities and government departments have placed an order for books, DVDs, CDs, maps, eBooks and calendars. Booktopia is your haven for knowledge, fun and everything books!

Booktopia Reviews

Philip G Gelding  | 02/07/18  07:48:53 | Store rating :
Booktopia is utopian as regards the availability of great reading ! I strongly recommend it to all bookworms and even to those who aren't bookworms. Casual readers will suddenly become addicted to reading when they visit Booktopia !
James Mellor  | 05/08/18  01:26:59 | Store rating :
This was a real surprise find we ordered a few books from Booktopia and hearing they came from the UK worried me a bit I thought we would be waiting a couple of weeks . How wrong was I from purchase time ,paying and delivery 4 days just awesome .
Tanya Blanch  | 29/03/19  20:59:49 | Store rating :
I am so excited to purchase some new books from booktopia. I have saved many titles on Instagram that are just what I need to fulfill my motivational journey. I am amazed at how many books they have that make me want to believe that I will make it through the anxiety and stress that has brought me down. I love quotes of motivation and spiritual growth and want to read all I can to help me along my path smoothly. Can't wait to be in touch booktopia and purchase some great reading.
Elvira Poole  | 08/05/19  04:06:24 | Store rating :
I'm a very happy customer of this site, ordered a few books and was very happy with the care they took in getting them safely and on time to me. The postage cost is very reasonable, sometimes even free.

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