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Smart Help service

Up to 80% of queries can be resolved immediately by answering the questions below. If you can’t find the answer to your question you can contact us by completing the wizard.

  • I would like to change my e-mail address. How can I do that?
    Log in to your account and go to "My account". Click on "Change account details" and then click "Change Password or E-mail. Type in your e-mail address twice and click "Save my data". The e-mail address is active as soon as you have saved the altered details. When visiting the website again, you can log in with your new e-mail address.

  • Why is the CashCoins for my purchase disapproved?
    Sometimes CashCoins for a purchase by the relevant store is disapproved. This could be because you have modified or cancelled your order or because you returned it. If this is not the case you can, within 30 days of disapproval, claim your CashCoins via a ticket submission. We will then find out why the purchase is rejected. Please note: Cashback is never guaranteed. However, we do everything we can to claim your cashback, though we cannot guarantee this.
  • The amount of CashCoins for my purchase is incorrect. How can this be possible?
    CashbackEarners.com.au depends on the relevant store for purchase amounts and calculating the CashCoins. In most cases the CashCoins is calculated on the purchase price excluding shipping and tax. This allows the purchase amount, in your account, to be less than the amount you actually paid at the store. Is your CashCoins amount (calculated on the purchase price excluding VAT and other related expenses) incorrect? Claim your CashCoins via a ticket submission within 30 days of purchase. We will then figure out why the CashCoins is incorrect in your account.
  • I cannot login. What should I do?
    If you sign in to CashbackEarners.com.au, you will receive a confirmation e-mail on the e-mail address you provided. When you click on the link in that confirmation e-mail to confirm your details for CashbackEarners.com.au, you can login on the website. Have you already been signed in and still you can not log on to the website? Request a new password. You will receive an e-mail with a link on the e-mail address that is registered at CashbackEarners.com.au. Click on this link and create a new password. Still cannot login with the new password? Please contact us and we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.
  • I forgot my password. What now?
    Click here to request a new password. Enter your e-mail address and you will receive an e-mail from us with a link. Note: the e-mail address must be the same as the e-mail address registered in your profile on CashbackEarners.com.au. Click on this link and create a new password. You can change your password any time under "My account".
  • Can I have multiple accounts on CashbackEarners.com.au?
    No, It is not allowed to have multiple accounts on CashbackEarners.com.au. Only one account per person is allowed. Please also see our General terms and conditions.
  • How does CashbackEarners.com.au handle my personal information?
    The data provided by you to CashbackEarners.com.au is used to give cashback on your online purchases and to keep you informed of the latest offers via the CashbackEarners.com.au newsletters and e-mails. In addition, your data can also be used to conduct market research. In such research, we work with aggregated and anonymous data as much as possible, to ensure your privacy is not compromised. For more information on the processing of personal data please see our Privacy Statement.
  • What is 'my account' and where can I find it?
    When you log on to CashbackEarners.com.au, we create an account for you. It contains an overview of your personal information and, among others, your accumulated credit. You can also change your details here. Log in to CashbackEarners.com.au to view your account or, if you're already logged in, go to My account in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • I want to change my information, how do I do that?
    Log in and go to your account details. Fill in your e-mail address 2 times. Your new e-mail address is active as soon as you have saved the altered details. When visiting the website again, you can log in with your new e-mail address.
  • How can I change my password?
    Log in to CashbackEarners.com.au and go to your account. You can change the password of your personal information there. Save the changes and you can use the new password immediately.
  • How do I change my bank account number?
    Log in to CashbackEarners.com.au and go to "My account". From here, click on to "Account Details" and then "Bank Details". Here you can change your bank account number by changing the information in the fields and then pressing "Save my data".
  • How do I unsubscribe to the newsletter and e-mails from CashbackEarners.com.au?
    We keep our users informed about the latest stores, CashCoin codes and promotions. All users regularly receive our newsletters and e-mails. Do you wish to stop receiving these updates from CashbackEarners.com.au? Click here to unsubscribe or log in at CashbackEarners.com.au and go to your account. You can make changes in your account under "Account Details" and then "E-mail Preferences" which newsletters and e-mails you do not wish to receive from CashbackEarners.com.au.
  • How long does it take for the rewards in my account to be credited?
    Rewards are generally visible in your account on CashbackEarners.com.au within 2 to 3 days. The status during consideration after crediting is usually Pending. This means that your purchase is registered, but still needs be approved by the web store. How long this takes, varies from store to store. Often this happens within few days, but sometimes it may even take few weeks. Once your purchase has been approved by the store, the status in your account at CashbackEarners.com.au changes, and if the minimum payout is reached, you can request a cash out.
  • How do I report an unregistered purchase?
    When a purchase is not visible in your account after 2-3 days, it may be that something has gone wrong with the registration. We would figure out the problem. Would you like to inform us of a non-registered purchase? Log in on CashbackEarners.com.au, go to My account and create a claim CashCoins ticket. We will look for reasons why the purchase is not registered in your account.
  • What is the meaning of the status of my purchases?
    With each purchase in your account, CashbackEarners.com.au shows the status of the purchase. There are several possible statuses:
    • Pending: Your purchase is registered, but still needs to be approved by the store.
    • Disapproved: Your purchase has not been approved by the store and therefore cannot be paid by CashbackEarners.com.au.
    • Approved: Your purchase is approved by the store and, if the minimum payout is reached, you can ask for payout.
    The status of a purchase is automatically changed as soon as we receive a change from the store.
  • The status of my purchase is still pending. When will it be approved?
    Purchases turn to the status approved when the relevant web store approves the purchase. How long this takes depends upon the web store. Some web store approve the purchases within a few days, whereas others may take several weeks.
  • Why is my purchase not visible in my account?
    Is a purchase after 2 to 3 days still not registered in your account? Check if the following conditions have been met:
    • You are registered with CashbackEarners.com.au and were logged in on the website before you made the purchase.
    • You are using the link on CashbackEarners.com.au to visit the relevant online store and have your order placed.
    • The order has not been changed and you have had no contact with the shop to adjust or cancel your order. In case of modifications the online store can, in fact, create a new order and the registration via CashbackEarners.com.au will not be registered.
    • The settings on your computer do not meet the requirements. Check here the settings on your computer.
    Do you meet the above conditions and is a purchase still not visible in your account? Let us know the date of purchase within 30 days. Log in on CashbackEarners.com.au, go to My account and create a ticket to claim your CashCoins. We will look for reasons why the purchase is not registered in your account.

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