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  • What is CashbackEarners.com.au?
    CashbackEarners.com.au gives CashCoins on your online purchases. If you go to CashbackEarners.com.au, click on one of the links of affiliated web stores, make a purchase and pay, CashbackEarners.com.au will refund a part of your purchase price. To do this, you must be a member on CashbackEarners.com.au. Membership is FREE. There are no further obligations of membership and you don't have to pay CashbackEarners.com.au anything if you buy through CashbackEarners.com.au. You can get even more CashCoins with CashCoin codes and special offers. On the affiliated store page on CashbackEarners.com.au you will find all available CashCoins codes and special offers. Earn even more with CashbackEarners.com.au by inviting friends to be a member and also by participating in contests, surveys, reading e-mails and clicking banners!
  • Should I sign up at CashbackEarners.com.au to get CashCoins?
    Yes, to get CashCoins you must be signed in to CashbackEarners.com.au. Sign up is FREE and there are no further obligations of membership. Without registration, we can not record who the purchaser is and it is not possible to give CashCoins to the right person. Not signed up yet? Click here to sign up. For the use of the CashCoin codes on CashbackEarners.com.au, registration is necessary.
  • How much does it cost to sign up with CashbackEarners.com.au?
    Signing up for CashbackEarners.com.au is FREE. There are no further obligations related to membership and after registration you will receive an instant welcome bonus and you will be able to shop with cashback via CashbackEarners.com.au.
  • How do I sign up?
    You can register with CashbackEarners.com.au in two ways:
    1. Sign up here for CashbackEarners.com.au or click on the link to sign up at the top of the screen. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by e-mail. Click on the link in the e-mail to confirm your registration.
    2. Sign up here via Facebook. Click on the Facebook button and create an account with the same password and e-mail address as your Facebook account. Your actions will not be shown on Facebook. The idea behind this is to reduce the number of accounts and passwords so you have the same account and password for different platforms.
    After that you can directly start shopping with CashCoins!
  • Why should I sign up?
    Through sign up at CashbackEarners.com.au, we can register when you make a purchase. And as a result we can give you CashCoins on your purchases via CashbackEarners.com.au. We cannot register your purchases and give you CashCoins if you don't sign up or log in.
  • What does CashbackEarners.com.au do with my data?
    The data provided by you to CashbackEarners.com.au is used to give cashback on your online purchases and to keep you informed of the latest offers via the CashbackEarners.com.au newsletters and e-mails. In addition, you can also join the online panel, in that case your data can also be used to conduct market research. In such research, we work with aggregated and anonymous data as much as possible, to ensure your privacy is not compromised. For more information on the processing of personal data please see our privacy statement.
  • I live outside of Australia Can I use CashbackEarners.com.au?
    No, you can only use CashbackEarners.com.au if you live in Australia.
  • What are the differences between stores, CashCoin codes and promotions?
    CashbackEarners.com.au gives CashCoins on online purchases from the affiliated stores. The CashCoins is a fixed amount per purchase or a percentage of the purchase price. You receive CashCoins in your account at CashbackEarners.com.au after your purchase has been approved by the store. So after making a purchase, you get your CashCoins. CashCoin codes give direct CashCoins when placing your order. You add codes in the ordering process and then CashCoins will be deducted before you pay. And you will pay the purchase price minus the CashCoins. If CashbackEarners.com.au has a CashCoin code or promotion at one of the web stores, we mention that on the page of the store on the website, so you can take advantage of the additional CashCoins!
  • How do I stay informed about new promotions?
    Sign up at CashbackEarners.com.au and we will keep you informed with newsletters and e-mails about new stores, CashCoin codes and deals. You will not miss anything and can take advantage of maximum CashCoins!
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