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  • How can I unsubscribe from CashbackEarners.com.au?
    Login on CashbackEarners.com.au to your personal account, go to “Account Details” and click on “Close account” and confirm with the button “Close my account” to unsubscribe from CashbackEarners.com.au. After closing your account, your data will be saved for a maximum of 8 weeks. After this period, only the transaction data, which are required to comply with the fiscal legal obligation, will be retained.
  • How can I view and/or change my personal data?
    Login on CashbackEarners.com.au to your personal account, go to “Account Details” and you are on the location where you can view and change all your personal information.
  • Why was CashbackEarners.com.au founded?
    CashbackEarners.com.au's mission is to offer everyone the possibility to shop cheaper and earn money online. We offer knowledge and valuable support for online purchases. You can make purchases online, at very discounted prices, with the discount of CashbackEarners.com.au at the affiliated stores. Don't forget to also use our CashCoin codes and special offers.
  • Does CashbackEarners.com.au also sell products?
    No, CashbackEarners.com.au does not sell any products. We only give CashCoins on products of affiliated stores. CashbackEarners.com.au refers you to the various stores and the actual purchase takes place there rather than on the website of CashbackEarners.com.au.
  • What does CashbackEarners.com.au do with my data?
    The data provided by you to CashbackEarners.com.au is used to give cashback on your online purchases and to keep you informed of the latest offers via the CashbackEarners.com.au newsletters and e-mails. In addition, you can also join the online panel, in that case your data can also be used to conduct market research. In such research, we work with aggregated and anonymous data as much as possible, to ensure your privacy is not compromised. For more information on the processing of personal data please see our Privacy Statement.
  • In which countries is CashbackEarners.com.au available?
    Currently CashbackEarners.com.au is only available for people who are resident in Australia and have an Australian bank account.
  • Can I advertise on CashbackEarners.com.au?
    Yes. We welcome interest in advertising on CashbackEarners.com.au. Please contact us for the possibilities of advertising on CashbackEarners.com.au.
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